Responsiveness of the Inster Block

The Inster Block has several parameters relating to responsiveness. You can set the size (in pixels) if the width of one image in the grid becomes less than this number, then the number of columns in the grid will be reduced by one.
Additionally, you can turn on rebuilding the grid in a single column on mobile phones or tablets.

“Siri, please play ‘Sunflower’ by Harry Styles 🌻” Always puts me in a good mood 😊
Memories from one of the most magical trips to Venice last June 😌🧡 (Photo: @hana_levan)
“Try to be logical about love. Good luck.” – @yrsadaleyward 🧡
Two favourites ✨
A bag literally made for picnics and garden parties 🧡🙈 #gardenparty
Friday mood 🥂
As promised, here’s my second #diversifyyourfeed post with a couple of accounts by women of colour (and also one man 😄) that I’ve recently found or accounts I’ve followed for a while and that I’m sure you’ll love just as much as I do! 🥰 
First up, I’m absolutely in love with @fiahamelijnck colourful photos and it makes me want to swap in my beige and black wardrobe for colourful flower patterns 🧡 @harold_james is one of the sweetest people I’ve met in this industry and I love his work as a makeup artist 🙌🏻 I recently came across @laurenlewiss_ profile and fell in love with her smile and positive spirit. Always love finding a fellow Scorpio woman too 😉 Let’s just say that I “swipe up” on 99% of any of @monikh links to. I adoore her minimalistic, sophisticated and colourful style 💛  Looking for outfit inspiration? You’ll love @femmeblk 👍🏻 @thelittleplantation is one of the most beautiful food photography accounts I’ve come across. Makes me hungry just looking at the photos 🙈 @abimarvel is a beautiful soul I met thanks to our friend in common, Shini, once a long time ago but I’ve recently discovered her amazing stories here on Instagram and her writing and storytelling can bring me to tears or make me laugh out loud. I highly recommend checking out her stories - whether they’re about the BLM movement, the fashion industry or simply her personal thoughts 🧡 I hope you’ll love all of these beautiful accounts 🥰
Slow mornings 🤍
Terrace life ☕️
Picnic weather has finally returned 😍
A scent that makes me long for summer to properly arrive even more 😌💛 #narcisoambree @sephorafrance #ad
...What I would wear if I was celebrating midsummer back home in Sweden right now 😌🇸🇪 Growing up this always used to be my favourite holiday. Even before Christmas, Easter or anything else. My family and I used to spend midsummer together with relatives and friends in the countryside surrounded by horses, fields, red wooden houses and little gravel roads. We would have water wars against the boys, talent shows in the barn, dinners that lasted way longer than we were allowed to stay up, flower picking in the fields to make flower crowns and to put under our pillow to sleep on (they say you’ll dream about the person you’ll merry one day when sleeping on 7 different types of flowers) and lunches in the green grass. Barbecues, playing cards, dancing around the midsummer pole and garden games with everyone no matter the age. It’s some of my favourite childhood memories ever and a time I’ll always hold very close to my heart 🥰 Glad Midsommar to everyone 💛

The block above has a size of 6 X 2. The grid will be reduced by a certain number of columns so that the width of each of the posts is not less than 200px. On mobile phones, the grid will be rebuilt in one column.

Grid is brilliant for creating grids, but it doesn’t mean that our other layout tools are no longer necessary. Responsiveness of the Inster Block allows you to create incredibly flexible layouts with a grid that looks awesome on all devices.

A variety of settings allows you to customize the block to the smallest detail. In the settings, you can select initial animation and one of the hover styles and also choose from preset color schemes or choose from 16 million colors independently. There is a mode for displaying enlarged posts in Lightbox, which can be turned off.